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New building „Archive Cultural Tujetsch”

A treasure chest for memories of the past, present and future of a mountain valley.
Documentation and request for support for a significant cultural project

KulturarchivSedrun Visualization of the project of the architect Gion A. Caminada, a knitted building on stilts, which will be built next to the existing museum La Truaisch in Sedrun.

Description of the project
The “Forum cultural Tujetsch” (association) was founded in 1997 with the aim to maintain, preserve and revive the culture of the Val Tujetsch. Many things, which had little importance in their time, were and still are collected and have acquired a great cultural value in 100 to 200 years. As a result of this consistent collecting over the years, space in the municipal archives has become scarce. A new building should therefore help to preserve the cultural heritage in a dignified ambience and to show it to the interested population in a special setting.
It is particularly worth mentioning that this project is the first new building of a cultural archive in the Canton of Graubünden.

Background and need
In collaboration with the renowned Swiss architect Gion A. Caminada, a project was developed for the new “Forum cultural Tujetsch”. The new building – mostly of wooden construction – will cost about 1.6 million Swiss Francs, of which about 1/3 will be covered by a donation, 1/3 by the municipality and the last third by donations and contributions from foundations, other institutions and private individuals.
The building is to be erected in the middle of the village of Sedrun, close to the railroad station and with sufficient parking space.

Tujetsch has an immense cultural heritage. This heritage deserves to be preserved and maintained in a new building „Archiv cultural“.
Tujetsch is more well documented than almost any other community in Graubünden. There are numerous studies and historical tracts. The valley with its history and culture has fascinated numerous authors. Likewise, Tujetsch is appreciated in the literary works of our local writers. The numerous photos from an estate document the whole valley over forty years. The time of Super-8 films made it possible for many to film, and wonderful documentaries were made. Written documents from the population, e.g., diaries, letters, old purchase and sale contracts, notes, wills are other important historical documents of the valley. The sacral culture with the pictures of the dead and the saints’ documents, among other things, the religion and faith in the valley. The cultural archive includes various libraries, such as the Romanesque literature, school and church books and the documentation of the valley. There is a closed section with documents that can be visited on request. A digital register and a website allow to consult the „Archiv cultural“.

In addition to the creation and development of the cultural archive, since the year 2000 other cultural topics have been of great importance for the “Forum cultural Tujetsch”. The realization of the events is mainly done by volunteers.

The conscientious and expert work of the local chronicler Tarcisi Hendry should be emphasized. It is thanks to his initiative and tireless efforts that the Tujetsch “Archive cultural” has an impressive collection of valuable documents (see website

Presentation of the project by the famous architect Gion A. Caminada (see above photo)
The new cultural archive is to be protected from external influences – similar to the granaries. The foundations protect the wood from soil moisture, the overhanging roof from rain. The architecture makes the house look like a treasure chest. The „Archiv cultural“ is neither a residential house nor a stable. The arrangement of the windows makes this clear. The entrance to the „Archiv cultural“ is on the mountain side. A bright and light-flooded room forms the opening of the house. The office of the archive manager, the closed archive room and the public toilets are grouped around this area. A long corridor leads to the hall – the main room of the house. The bookshelves along the walls of the corridor indicate the house of books. Books and writings also define the atmosphere in the hall. The ceiling with iconographic signs is meant to express the function of the house. The signs and writings become ornaments. The hall should have quiet acoustics. It is a space of events, but also a space of contemplation.

The new building „Archive cultural“ should be a new link in the hierarchy of buildings in Sedrun. It is worth mentioning that the knitted building (see picture in front) will be built entirely of local Tujetsch wood.

The future new archive will be visited mainly by the local population, guests of the tourist region as well as owners of second homes and permanent tenants. A particularly important role can be played by the early emigrants. Those interested in history in particular will find a treasure trove of impressive information. But architecture enthusiasts will also find interesting things to see in Gion A. Caminada’s building.

There is cooperation with the existing museum, which houses a great variety of culture and history. There is also a unique collection of crystals from the Tujetsch, which is characterized by many unique pieces. People interested in crystals as well as culture and history enthusiasts are thus also an important part of the target group.

Budget requirements
According to the cost estimate, an investment of about 1.6 million Swiss Francs is to be expected for the entire project. Financing is to be provided by a donation, the municipality and the “Forum cultural Tujetsch” in equal parts of 1/3, whereby the Forum will raise its share through fundraising.

The schedule is as follows:
– Start of construction in autumn 2023,
– and continuation in spring 2024
– Inauguration in autumn 2024 (14 december)

Private financing
Successful fundraising is a prerequisite for the realization of the project. As can be seen from the above, a substantial part of the financing has been secured. However, the project can only be realized if we succeed in raising around CHF 600,000 in the coming months through contributions and donations from foundations, companies and private individuals. CHF 285’000 have been raised up until now. Thus, another CHF 325’000 have to be raised within the near future.

Every donation is welcome. Contributions of CHF 1’000 or more will be mentioned in a corresponding form.

Public Relations
The local population, second home owners, permanent tenants as well as guests and other interested parties are involved by regular information. A special role This has already been done or will be done in the future

– A fleyer witg all information was distributed to all households
– The project was presented at a public event
– Various Graubünden media (including La Quotidiana, RTR) have already reported on the project and will continue to be regularly involved in the future.
– The IG Tujetsch (interest group for second home owners and regular guests in Tujetsch (Sedrun) was informed separately and included in the fundraising.
– The architecture of Gion A. Caminada, which is particularly sustainable and adapted to the region, is to be widely marketed.
– Contributions of CHF 1,000 or more will be mentioned in an appropriate form.
– The use of „social media“ in an appropriate framework is planned.

Through this and other work, the target groups should not only be informed, but also actively approached as donors. The new „Archive Cultural“ should become a meeting place for all and not least a landmark for Tujetsch.

On behalf of the “Forum Cultural Tujetsch” we ask you to support us with an amount of your choice. Your support is an important step towards the realization of our cultural archive and the preservation of Tujetsch history in a unique alpine mountain landscape at the source of the Rhine.

We sincerely thank you for your financial contribution to the success of this valuable cultural project. And as we say in Romansch: “In fervent engraving per Vossa beinvuglientscha e per Vies sustegn.”

Bank data:
Forum cultural Tujetsch
Via Alpsu 62
7188 Sedrun
Banca Raiffeisen Tujetsch
IBAN: CH54 8080 8005 0277 7423 3

Fleyer in Romansch language: ACT_Flyer.pdf
Here the plans Plan_Plaunterren.jpeg